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Even if you are not a client we may be able to help you when you have a personal insurance claim. Some of our services include:

  • Assist in completing claim forms.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies for the acceptance of a claim (regardless of whether a claim has been rejected or not).
  • For Income Protection Claims – investigate as to whether you have been paid the correct amount.We have had many years of experience in engaging with insurance companies to ensure you receive the best outcome.We are not lawyers, and in the vast majority of cases we are of the opinion that litigation is not the most appropriate action in reaching a desired result. We have strong relationships with many insurers and their claims managers (that we deal with on a regular basis), a strong product and claims process knowledge and also through our networks in the industry able to call on to hopefully get you the desired result.

Our Process

Your first appointment is obligation free, and in that initial appointment we aim to gather as much detail around your claim as possible.

To do this, we will have you sign 3rd Party Authorities that allows us to gain the following information:

  • From your insurer/super fund we get details on your policy, including initial insurance application and any changes over time that have happened on the policy.
  • From your accountant we gain any financial information required that your insurer may need (only in relation to income protection claims).


After we have had our initial appointment and we have gained the relevant information we require in assessing the complexity of your claim, we can then determine the cost of our service.

Our costs vary depending on the claim complexity and the assistance required.  After we have determined whether we are able to assist you in managing your claim, we generally will charge you a fixed fee but we may charge an hourly fee, a fixed amount or agree on some other arrangement.